Healing Sessions

I offer individualized healing sessions. I utilize Contact Reflex Analysis to get to the highest priority of what needs to come into balance in our session together. That may include modalities to work with emotions like: NET, Belief work, metaphysical healing (releasing anything foreign in the biofield), applied kinesiology to balance out nutrition and chemistry imbalances, Quantum Neurology to work with some neuro-recognition of function of cranionerves, sound healing using solfeggio frequencies, utilizing frequency tools like Optimizers that omit healthy cell frequency, and/or intuitive Reiki.
The body is designed to innately heal, so my goal is to be a curious observer in each session and a clear conduit to Creator. Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) is the very best tool to get an individualized healing session of what needs to be brought back into balance and how to achieve that balance back to homeostasis.

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